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Mental Health Treatment in Plano, Texas

6101 West Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093
Suite 230: Private Practice
Suite 240: PHP/IOP
(469) 613-3390

Adolescent PHP/IOP (ages 13-17):
PHP/IOP: Monday-Friday 9-3:00pm; and 9am-1pm when school is out

Adult PHP/IOP:
PHP: Monday-Friday 9 am – 1 pm
IOP: Monday-Friday 9 am – 12 pm 

Our Services

We offer Partial Hospitalization & Intensive Outpatient Programs for Adults and Adolescents
Private Practice for psychiatry and counseling

Our treatment options include:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication Management (Ages 12+)
  • Individual Sessions (ages 18+)
  • Group Therapy
  • Expressive Therapies
  • Family Support
  • Academic Instruction & School Support
  • Case Management
  • Aftercare Planning

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Untreated mental health concerns negatively impact all areas of life. Connections Wellness Group chose Plano as the location for one of our mental health treatment centers specifically because of the high need for quality mental health treatment in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas. 

The Connections Wellness Group mental health clinic in Plano, TX can provide your family with the services that lay a foundation for lasting mental wellness.

If you or a loved one need the support of a mental health treatment center in Plano, TX we’re here to help. Contact Connections Wellness Group at 940.360.4245 for more information. 

A Growing Need for Mental Health Services in Plano, TX

Studies show that mental health in North Texas is in a state of crisis. In 2020, over 2,000 children were seen in hospitals in Plano and Dallas for suicidal behaviors and thoughts. This staggering number is not only highly concerning, but it’s also indicative of just how pervasive serious mental health concerns have become in North Texas. 

The alarming number of children experiencing mental health crises naturally leads to many related considerations. How many more children in Plano are silently struggling with mental health? How many adults don’t have access to affordable mental health resources in Plano?

Plano, TX spreads across Collins and Denton counties. In both counties, a preponderance of mental health services is available through the jail system. Millions of dollars are being poured into meeting the mental health needs of Collins County inmates. This disproportionate distribution of services reflects Plano’s tragic reality of an abundance of untreated mental health concerns.

A lack of mental health resources can mean people end up in jail before finally accessing the resources needed for healing. Making mental health resources widely available can proactively resolve issues by giving the residents of Plano the tools to help them avoid incarceration. 

How a Mental Health Clinic in Plano, TX, Is Making a Difference

Connections Wellness Group chose to serve residents of Plano for a reason. We know that accessible treatment options can significantly impact the area’s mental health statistics. We also understand that grim statistics on mental health aren’t just numbers; they’re a reflection of the real people who are suffering. 

When individuals can connect with mental health services, their lives improve. So do their families, relationships, finances, and communities. Mental health treatment creates a ripple effect that radiates outwards, beginning with the first steps taken in a mental health clinic in Plano, TX.

Services Available at Connections Wellness Group

Connections Wellness Group offers a range of outpatient mental health services in Plano, TX. Our programs work to meet the needs of all patients who might benefit from mental health treatment or counseling services. 

Connections Wellness Group prioritizes care for the whole family. Family-based programs offered at our Plano location include:

  • Family therapy
  • Couples therapy

We also offer many different programs designed to treat individual mental health concerns. These include: 

  • Individual counseling
  • Psychiatry services
  • Medication management

Connections Wellness Group offers mental health treatment in Plano, TX for all mental health concerns that our professionals can effectively treat through outpatient programs. 

Connections Wellness Group Helps Restore Mental Health

Mental health can be a challenging topic to address. Just like any health issue, mental health concerns are normal and can find relief with professional care. Connections Wellness Group aims to empower patients by connecting them to the resources, tools, and professional support that will facilitate long-term mental healing and wellness. 

Connections Wellness Group is located near the International Business Park at 6101 Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093. Private practice offices are located in Suite 230, while intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are held in Suite 240.

A mental health treatment center in Plano, TX, can transform your life, but only if you choose to ask for help. Don’t wait any longer. Call Connections Wellness Group at 940.360.4245 today.