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Heal through connection with group therapy.

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Same-day and walk-in assessments

Don't wait to get the help you deserve. Our experts are ready to guide you with immediate assessments to get you the mental health you need, as quickly as possible.

Reset and Realign Your Student's Mental Health

Ready or not, here comes summer! Time to ditch the textbooks and dive into a season of endless possibilities. But while summer is for fun and relaxation, it’s also the perfect time to help your child or teen feel mentally ready to tackle another school year. 

Connections Wellness Group Summer Session

Helping You Feel Better, Faster. It's What We Do.

Outpatient Therapy

Often abbreviated to PHP and IOP, these outpatient daytime programs combine group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatry and medication management into one cohesive treatment option that equips you with the tools you need to feel better as soon as possible.

Group Therapy

Connecting with others who share similar struggles can offer a sense of community and shared experience. Group therapy led by a therapist provides a safe space to gain valuable insights from others and reduces feelings of isolation.

Psychiatry Services

Medication can help restore imbalances in brain chemistry to help get you feeling better. With guidance from a licensed prescribing clinician, we can help you decide if medication is the right choice for you.

When Talk Therapy Isn't Enough

Signs you may need additional support

Individual therapy is a fantastic resource for improving mental health. It provides a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings, develop coping mechanisms, and gain valuable insights. But sometimes, individual therapy alone might not be enough.

Empowering the LGBTQIA+ Community with Group Therapy

Mental health support can be a valuable resource for the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community when it comes to navigating identity, relationships, and societal pressures. Getting some extra support can be a powerful tool for managing stress, anxiety, depression or just feeling happier in your own skin.
One powerful tool? Group therapy.

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