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Trauma Therapy Program​

Millions of Americans struggle daily with their mental health. Trauma plays a significant role as a root cause for many of these individuals. A trauma therapy program, like that offered at Connections Wellness Group, offers a chance to overcome the adverse effects of trauma.

Trauma is broadly defined as the emotional response to a disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope. These events can range from surviving physical or sexual abuse, to experiencing natural disasters or accidents, to witnessing violence. Trauma can have long-lasting effects on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being, leading to symptoms associated with conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Connections Wellness Group is dedicated to helping patients overcome the challenges they face and work toward improving their mental health. Through comprehensive mental health services, we provide trauma counseling and employ trauma therapy techniques in our outpatient treatment programs. Connections Wellness Group is committed to providing personalized care that meets each patient’s individual needs. Whether you are struggling with unresolved childhood trauma or experiencing symptoms related to recent trauma, Connections Wellness Group can help you move forward. To get started with us, please fill out our online form here.

What Are Common Signs and Symptoms of Trauma?

Though emotional reactions to trauma can vary, there are several common signs and symptoms associated with trauma, including:

  • Flashbacks or intrusive thoughts about the traumatic event

  • Feelings of guilt, shame, or anger

  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions

  • Problems with sleep and eating

  • Physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, or chest pain

  • Withdrawal from social activities and relationships

  • Experiencing strong emotions like sadness, anxiety, or fear

If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, it may be helpful to seek out trauma therapy services at a mental health clinic like Connections Wellness Group. With a dedicated team of experienced clinicians and cutting-edge trauma therapy techniques, Connections Wellness Group can help you manage your trauma-related symptoms and work toward a healthier, happier future.

How Can a Trauma Therapy Program Help?

Connections Wellness Group offers a trauma therapy program to meet individuals’ needs. Our outpatient mental health services can help you or someone you love to overcome the adverse effects of trauma and improve overall mental health. At Connections Wellness Group, our expert clinicians utilize a range of evidence-based trauma therapy techniques to help patients work through their trauma and address the underlying mental health issues that have developed as a result.

Some of these therapy approaches include the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

  • Motivational interviewing (MI)

  • Family therapy

  • Group therapy

By working with a skilled therapist who specializes in trauma therapy, you can gain better control over your emotions and experience improved mental health overall. With the help of a comprehensive trauma therapy program, you can move past your traumatic experiences and achieve greater fulfillment and well-being.

Contact Connections Wellness Group for Trauma Counseling​

If you are struggling with trauma and want relief, consider contacting Connections Wellness Group. With multiple locations, our dedicated team of trauma therapists is here to help you overcome your challenges and improve your overall mental health. Our individualized approach ensures that each patient receives the therapeutic approach best suited to their specific mental health needs.

A trauma therapy program at Connections Wellness Group offers a caring, compassionate environment that promotes healing and moves you toward a life of purpose and well-being. To learn more about our trauma therapy programs or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (877) 747-4294 today.