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Please fill in all areas of the form to submit a request for a medication refill.

Please note that refill requests may take up to 3 business days to be completed.

If you are prescribed a stimulant, it will be sent to your preferred pharmacy within one (1) business day. Due to the national shortage, if we need to resubmit your prescription to a different pharmacy, this can take up to three (3) business days to complete. We are not able to send stimulant refills after office hours during the week or on the weekend.  

If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding your medication refill request, please reach out to us by calling 940.360.4245.

Medication Refill Request

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Medication Refill FAQs

Click on the medication refills tab on the CWG website. It is the patient’s responsibility to notify the office in a timely manner when refills are necessary. Approval of your refill may take up to three (3) business days, so do not wait to call. It is advised you contact the medication team when you have seven (7) days of medications left. If you use a mail order pharmacy, please contact us fourteen (14) days of medications left.
Medication refills will only be addressed during regular office hours (Monday – Friday (8:00am – 5:00pm). Please notify your provider on the next business day if you find yourself out of medication after hours. No prescriptions will be refilled on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.
Please call to schedule an appointment. Patients requesting new prescriptions must be seen for an appointment. They are not prescribed over the phone or email.
Depending on your insurance, this process may involve several steps by both your pharmacy and your provider. The providers and pharmacies are familiar with this process and will handle the prior authorization as quickly as possible. Only your pharmacy is notified of the approval status. Neither the pharmacy nor the provider can guarantee that your insurance company will approve the medication. Please check with your pharmacy or your insurance company for updates.
Repeated no shows or cancellations will result in a denial of refills.
The medication team will notify you of the providers response within three business days
Complete the medication refill request online at the CWG website. The medication team will communicate the providers response to you within three business days. Please call (940) 222-2399 if this is an urgent matter.
Please contact your pharmacy prior to contacting the CWG medication team.
Please click on the medication tab on the CWG website. A medication specialist will return your message within 2 business days.
If your medications are stolen, you must file a police report. If your medications are lost, please contact the medication team to discuss the situation. Medications may not be refilled in many situations. If the medications are approved for a refill, the refill will only be allowed one time for lost medications.

It is important to keep your scheduled appointment to ensure that you receive timely refills. Repeated no shows or cancellations will result in a denial of refills.

If you have any questions regarding medications, please discuss these during your appointment. If for any reason you feel your medication needs to be adjusted or changed, please contact us immediately.