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Neurodivergent individuals experience the world in ways that can be significantly different from neurotypical people. At Connections Wellness Group, we recognize the importance of providing individualized care that respects the unique experiences of our neurodivergent patients. 

Our team creates personalized treatment plans that focus on the whole person, taking strengths, challenges and co-occurring diagnoses into consideration, understanding that neurodivergent individuals may also struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, trauma, or other stress-related issues. We aim to support and empower our neurodivergent patients to help them build on their inherent abilities and overcome their challenges to achieve not only their wellness goals, but also their personal and professional goals in other areas of life.

If you or a family member is interested in learning about the mental health services available to you at Connections Wellness Group, fill out our online form so we can arrange next steps.

What is Neurodivergence?

Neurodivergence is not a diagnosis in itself, but rather a term that encompasses a variety of cognitive and neurological differences. It refers to the diversity in human brain function and cognition, acknowledging that there is no single “right” way for the brain to work. The differences that neurodivergent people experience can present both challenges and strengths.

The neurodiversity concept challenges the traditional view that neurological differences are deficits or disorders, instead promoting understanding that these variations are natural and valuable parts of human diversity. 


The range of conditions that fall under the umbrella of neurodivergence can affect how individuals think, learn and interact with the world around them. In turn, neurodivergent individuals may experience symptoms that could benefit from more support.

Conditions that Fall Under Neurodivergence

There are several conditions that are recognized as forms of neurodivergence, including but not limited to:


Mental Health Treatments for Neurodivergent Individuals at Connections Wellness Group

Connections Wellness Group offers a range of mental health treatments that are designed to support neurodivergent individuals. Our programs provide a safe, supportive, inclusive and judgment-free space for those part of the neurodivergent community, focusing on creating an environment of understanding and respect with goals that include:

  • Help people cope with the stresses that arise from living in a society that does not always accept diversity

  • Improve well-being through talk therapy

  • Explore challenges around neurodiversity

  • Create a safe space where individuals can express themselves without shame or fear

Some of the treatments and services our experienced therapists provide include:

  • Individual Therapy: Personalized therapy sessions that address specific challenges and goals, utilizing approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based practices.

  • Group therapy: Provides a supportive environment where neurodivergent individuals can connect with peers, share experiences and learn from one another and themselves.

  • Family counseling: Supports families in understanding neurodivergence and creating supportive home environments.

  • Behavioral interventions: Tailored strategies to help manage behaviors and improve functional skills in daily life.

  • Trauma therapy: Techniques used to help patients gain better control over their emotions as they relate
    to traumatic experiences.

Contact Connections Wellness Group About Neurodivergence-Focused Mental Health Treatment

We know therapeutic care for neurodivergent individuals requires understanding and tailored support, as we want to ensure you or your loved one remain their true selves while getting the most out of life. Contact us online or by phone at (877) 747-4294 today for an appointment or learn more about our mental health treatment programs.