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Mental Health Treatment in Frisco, Texas

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255 W. Lebanon Rd Suite 120 & 124 Frisco, TX 75036
PHP/IOP: Suite 120
(469) 430-1930

PHP: 9 am – 1 pm
IOP: 9 am – 1 pm
In-person only


Our Team

Amanda Manchack, LCSW-S

Group Executive Director – Frisco, Plano & Prosper

Education: Masters of Science in Social Work – Community &…

Anna Edgley, M.S., NCC, LMFT-A, LPC-A

Program Therapist

Location: Frisco Specialties: Family, couples, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, addiction,…

Cynthia Dufresne MEd, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Location: Frisco Education Texas A&M University- BS in Nutrition The…

Daniel Feldbush, LMSW

Clinical Liaison

Location: Denton Education Master in Social Work University of Texas…

Syed Nizami, M.D.


Location: McKinney Specialties:  Psychiatry Sub-specialties: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Request Appointment…

Heather Aje, MA, LPC, CCTP

Clinical Director | Therapist

Location: Frisco Education: Master of Arts Professional Counseling Texas Wesleyan University…

Kaitlynn Griffin, LPC

Counseling Therapist

Location: Frisco, 100% Virtual Specialties: Teens, couples, families, adults, depression,…

Nisha Saraiya, MD


Location: Frisco Specialties: Adults Subspecialties: Anxiety, depression, PTSD Request Appointment Age…

Pat Baumgardner

Registered Nurse

Location: Frisco Education Grayson College, Associate of Science – Nursing,…

Sri Uppalapati, M.D.


Location: Frisco Specialties: General Adult Psychiatry Subspecialties: Sleep Medicine Request Appointment…

Our Services

We offer Adult Mental Health Partial Hospitalization & Intensive Outpatient Programs
and Adult Dual Diagnosis Partial Hospitalization & Intensive Outpatient Programs
Private Practice for psychiatry and counseling

This program is designed for anyone struggling with:

  • PTSD
  • Self-injury
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Thoughts of death
  • Poor impulse control
  • Irritability

Our treatment options include:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication Management
  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Therapy
  • Expressive Therapies
  • Family Support
  • Case Management
  • Aftercare Planning

Schedule your complimentary screening now!

Connections Wellness Group locations are spread strategically across Northern Texas, targeting areas where mental health statistics show a dire need for increased services. We offer a broad range of outpatient mental health services in Frisco, TX. 

Mental health forms the foundation on which every other aspect of life rests. Our goal is to connect patients in Frisco, TX with the resources they need to heal, grow, and thrive. 

If you or a loved one need a mental health treatment center in Frisco, TX, give us a call. Contact Connections Wellness Group at 940.360.4245 today. 

Mental Health Is a Cause for Concern in Frisco, TX

Many factors, especially social ones, impact mental health. Particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of mental health in Frisco has been cause for concern. 

In recent years, the Frisco Police Department has dealt with a steady increase in mental health-related warrants and suicide calls. 

A study released by the United Way Denton shows that of the 58,804 residents of Frisco, 9,026 live with a mental illness. An important consideration is that these figures are likely far lower than the reality due to underreporting. 

Add to this the significant number of people who do not have a diagnosable mental health illness but whose lives are changed for the better in countless ways when they have access to medication, counseling, coping skills education, and more. 

Changing the landscape of mental health statistics requires professional mental health treatment resources in Frisco, TX. Connections Wellness Group hopes to be this missing link. 

A Different Type of Mental Health Clinic in Frisco, TX

The mission of Connections Wellness Group is to connect patients to mental health services in Frisco, TX. Affordable mental health treatment in Frisco, TX often involves significant inconveniences, like limited program options and long wait lists. 

Connections Wellness Group understands that these barriers are unacceptable in the field of mental health. Mental health care saves lives, restores hope, and delivers wellness. 

Some of the most significant barriers to mental health care are internal factors. It can be challenging to recognize a problem or ask for help. When a person is willing to take these steps and move toward healing, they should never be turned away due to a lack of resources. 

Mental Health Programs in Frisco, TX

Patients who come to Connections Wellness Group have access to a wide range of outpatient services. We serve adults and children through individual, family, and couples counseling.

Other program services at our mental health treatment center in Frisco, TX, include: 

  • Psychiatric services
  • Medication management
  • EMDR
  • Nutrition services
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

The first step in achieving mental wellness is asking for help. Our experienced Frisco team will work with you to identify which program and level of care are right for you and the concerns with which you’re dealing. 

Seek Stability at Connections Wellness Group 

One of the most challenging aspects of a mental health condition is how it impacts stability. Thoughts, feelings, relationships, finances, academics, and more all suffer when you don’t have access to the tools and resources that help stabilize mental health. 

Connections Wellness Group exists to fill a need in the Frisco community. Too many people go without mental health services due to prohibitive costs, long wait times, and limited programming.

Connections Wellness Group is located in the medical plaza near the busy intersection at FM 423 and Lebanon Road. Our physical address is 255 Lebanon Rd, Suite 124 & 120, Frisco, TX 75036.

We strive to meet the needs of every individual who would benefit from a mental health clinic in Frisco, TX. Give us a call today at 940.360.4245 to learn more about the mental health programming options available at Connections Wellness Group.