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LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

Seeking mental health treatment can be an essential step toward improving emotional and psychological well-being, especially for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. At Connections Wellness Group, we offer specialized mental health treatment programs to provide needed support in a safe and supportive environment, all geared toward members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer/questioning, inter-sexed and/or asexual communities and their special considerations. 

When a person can receive care that meets their unique needs, they can more effectively work towards their mental health goals and enjoy increased levels of happiness and fulfillment in life. Our LGBTQIA+ treatment program can support individuals with various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, trauma, and stress-related issues. 

Contact us online to learn more about our LGBTQIA+ mental health treatment programs and to arrange an appointment. We look forward to helping you take the first step towards improved mental well-being.

What Is an LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Treatment Program?

It is important to note that identifying as LGBTQIA+ is not a mental illness nor disorder. Instead, research shows that LGBTQIA+ adults are approximately twice as likely as non-LGBTQIA+ adults to report they have been diagnosed with depression. Other studies show that bisexual and transgender communities have the highest rates of mental health concerns within these populations, as do those in the younger age groups. Our job is to support you on your mental health journey.

An LGBTQIA+ mental health treatment program can provide a safe, supportive, and judgment-free space for those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. This program focuses on creating an environment of understanding and respect where individuals can openly discuss their unique needs without fear of discrimination or prejudice. The main goals of these programs are:

  • Help people cope with the stresses that arise from living in a society that does not always accept diversity

  • Improve well-being through talk therapy

  • Explore issues around gender identity and sexuality

  • Create a safe space where individuals can express themselves without shame or fear


The team at Connections Wellness Group understands the challenges faced by those in the LGBTQIA+ community and has created a comprehensive program of mental health treatment services to meet these needs. Our experienced therapists provide individual and group therapy, family counseling, peer support groups, crisis intervention services, and more.

Benefits of LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Services

Taking advantage of LGBTQIA+ mental health services at Connections Wellness Group can be a great way to ensure you get the best quality care that is tailored to you. These specialized services focus on providing members of the gay, queer and trans communities with a secure, accepting, and affirming environment to help address individual needs. The benefits of LGBTQIA+ mental health services can include the following:

  • Improved self-acceptance and self-esteem

  • Increased understanding of one’s gender identity and sexual orientation

  • A greater sense of safety and security

  • Enhanced communication skills for navigating relationships with peers, family members, co-workers, etc.

  • Relief from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues



Mental health services offer supportive counseling, psychotherapy, and educational resources designed specifically for LGBTQIA+ individuals. By seeking out specific services designed for the LGBTQIA+ populations, individuals can feel more confident in knowing they will receive comprehensive care that meets their unique identities and experiences. All these factors amount to superior quality mental health care that can lead to long-term positive outcomes.

How Group Therapy is Beneficial for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Group therapy can be a great piece of a treatment plan for LGBTQIA+ individuals who are seeking mental health treatment support. Some of the key benefits of group therapy include:


  • Peer support: People who participate in group therapy can find comfort and support from others who may understand some of their personal challenges. This can be especially helpful for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, who may not always have a support system closer to home. This type of solidarity can reduce feelings of isolation and stigma, and is particularly beneficial in marginalized communities.

  • Perspective: Hearing others’ shared and individual experiences can be a powerful tool for mental health treatment. These perspectives can also help other participants determine the best coping strategies and/or mental health solutions for themselves.

  • Safety and structure: Group therapy can provide a sense of safety in sharing, as participants learn others may have been in a similar position. Though group services may seem intimidating to some, Connections Wellness Group places clear ground rules and aims for group cohesion to create a safe environment where members can openly share comfortably.

  • Effectiveness: Research shows group therapy can be as effective as individual therapy for a wide range of symptoms and conditions, including anxiety and depression.

  • Skill development: Group settings provide an opportunity to expand their relational skills and to in turn boost self-esteem in social situations.

Contact Connections Wellness Group About LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Treatment

If you or a loved one requires mental health services, contact us at Connections Wellness Group. Our team provides LGBTQIA+ mental health treatment programs suited to each patient’s needs and goals. We understand that seeking help can be difficult, and we want you to know that the team at Connections Wellness Group is here for you every step of the way. 

Contact us online or by phone at (877) 747-4294 today to learn more about our LGBTQ+ mental health treatment program and start on your path to improved well-being.