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Relationship Conflicts

Relationship Conflicts

Mental health not only affects each person as an individual, but also makes an impact on the people around them. As difficult as mental health challenges are difficult on the person with the condition, they can also be hard on the people who love them. The effects and symptoms can often lead to relationship conflicts.

At Connections Wellness Group, we use our mental health treatment programs to focus on the needs of the whole person, including their relationships.

To learn how our professional teams can help in this area, reach out online find out how we work with you on relationship conflicts within our larger, mixed-methods programs.

How Can Treatment Help with Relationship Conflicts?

The health of our patients is our main priority for treatment, but the people we serve have family and friends they care about who may also be indirectly affected by their condition. We care about our patients’ relationships at home, at work and in the community. That is why throughout treatment, we not only provide them with the resources they need for their own mental health, but also want to give them the tools and space to overcome hurdles and reconnect with their loved ones.

Types of Therapy to Overcome Relationship Conflicts

At Connections Wellness Group, we’re able to help our patients throughout many kinds of relationships. Through counseling, we can support our patients and their loved ones to improve communication. Individually and together, we can help you both understand each other better and develop healthy communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as strengthen your trust and emotional connection. Some of our target areas include:

  • Couples counseling

  • Family counseling

  • Child and adolescent counseling


Together, we work on relationship goals through a mix of services that include:


These therapies, combined with a compassionate and trauma-informed approach, can help people affected by trauma and grief experience a reduction in symptoms and higher quality of life.

Focus on Moving Past Relationship Conflicts at Connections Wellness Group

Our trained mental health experts can explain our various treatment options to help you along the healing process. Contact our team online or by phone at (877) 747-4294 for more support as you build healthier interactions.