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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

In a mental health context, individual counseling describes a broad range of professional services and therapeutic approaches beneficial to treating behavioral health disorders. At Connections Wellness Group, we offer mental health services that include various forms of individual therapy.

Our priority is to provide our patients with meaningful, life-improving solutions that promote positive change for overall wellness. It is important to us that we provide convenient care that is cost-effective, accessible, and holistically enriching care without compromise.

Reach out now if you or a loved one need counseling services by calling (877) 747-4294 or contacting us online.

Mental Health Counseling Services at Connections Wellness Group

At Connections Wellness Group, individual therapy is an essential component of treatment for most of our patients. Our counselors work with patients to help them understand and process their feelings, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and make positive changes in their lives.

Individual counseling is a process in which a trained professional works to help you to understand and change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while addressing personal challenges in your life. Counseling can be helpful for people who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief, or other issues.

Connections Wellness Group offers individual therapy services for adults, teens and children.

At Connections Wellness Group, our licensed counselors specialize in a variety of areas, including:


Advantages of Individual Counseling at Connections Wellness Group

Individual counseling is one of the most effective forms of treatment for behavioral health issues. Counseling can help you to understand and manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a healthy way.

Some of the advantages of individual therapy at Connections Wellness Group include:

  • Cost-effective, accessible care

  • A wide range of counseling services

  • Experienced, licensed counselors

  • A commitment to your overall wellness


We are in network with most major commercial insurance providers and are always available to answer any questions regarding care and treatment, insurance coverage, costs and payment options, as well as any other questions.

Our mission is to connect you to meaningful, life-improving solutions which promote positive change for your overall wellness while providing comprehensive, convenient care that is cost-effective, accessible, and enriching without compromise.

Contact Connections Wellness Group Today

At Connections Wellness Group, our licensed counselors will work with you to develop a plan that is right for you. Do not wait to get help for you or a loved one in need of mental health counseling services.

If you are interested in our individual therapy services, please contact us online or call (877) 747-4294. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!