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What Is An Intensive Outpatient Program?

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If you’ve completed a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) you may be recommended to complete an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) afterward. Some clients are also recommended to complete the IOP even if they haven’t completed the PHP. The program is suitable for those suffering from mental or behavioral health disorders. Before being admitted to the program participants must secure a formal recommendation which will be completed by a licensed clinician during a biopsychosocial evaluation. This evaluation will be completed within at least 72 hours of admission. The IOP is what many of the participants of the PHP program “graduate” to following discharge. So what exactly do you have to look forward to when completing the IOP?

What Does An Intensive Outpatient Program Entail?

The program runs Monday through Friday. It includes 3 hours of therapy a day. The IOP program generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete, while participation is required for at least three days a week. Further, group sessions are completed during the evening to ensure that regular schooling or work can continue during the daytime as normal. The IOP is an excellent option for non-inpatient care. This is because it is set up in a way that there will hopefully be no disruption to the client’s everyday life. This makes the program great not only for those in school but also those involved in extracurricular activities. This means it’s a good idea to consider the IOP for adolescent outpatient services. The IOP utilizes uses a form of therapy that adheres to the behavior modification framework. This is a form of behavioral health treatment that seeks to reinforce the behaviors in an individual’s life that result in positive outcomes. It can be useful for those suffering from mental health disorders as it helps individuals relearn various ways of interacting with the world. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders, anger issues, PTSD, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and more. Prior to discharge clients and social services staff work together to decide whether or not to continue IOP services or begin individual counseling for the client. As always, Connections Wellness Group is committed to doing whatever is in the best interest of the client.  Our mission is to provide all the medical services you might need in one convenient place. We are committed to finding medical solutions for you that minimize the amount of care you might need over time. We are proud of our team of psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors and know they will do their best to care for you. Connections Wellness Group is in-network with BCBS and Tricare. Soon, additional insurances will be added, and we currently accept out of network benefits. Contact us if you think the Intensive Outpatient Program might be appropriate for you or someone you care for. We eagerly await your call.