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Sharpening Your Skills With Practice in Today’s Mindfulness Minute…

Like most skills, being present and totally engaged in the moment takes regular practice. We use our senses to bring awareness to what we are experiencing and our emotions and thoughts bring awareness to our current state of mind. According to, the goal of mindfulness is to “wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and physical processes”.  In order to wake up these processes, we have to learn to pause and allow ourselves an opportunity to develop this awareness.
Mindfulness is not about only thinking positively or only focusing on happy thoughts. It is about knowing ourselves, rather than attempting to change, rationalize or flat out deny our experiences. My mind seems to be running all the time. I can easily get lost in thoughts of “Did I turn on the oven to prepare for dinner? Did I forget to help the kids with homework? How long do I cook the ham?”  As I am in my head like this, my anxiety tends to climb and I am miles away from what is happening right in front of me. As my anxiety climbs, so does my negative self talk and I tend to get restless and maybe short with those around me. Not exactly the way I would like to spend my holiday!! So for today, let’s practice breathing. Instead of rushing to do all the tasks of the day, let’s practice one deep breath before we get up, answer the phone, deal with a child or greet family. In this simple pause we give ourselves a moment to get grounded again as opposed to running on the anxious, reactive autopilot we all tend to get on from time to time. Take a moment to mentally connect to something that brings you joy today. Breathe deeply. Be present. Connections Wellness Group 940.222.2399