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Find Peace and Quiet in a Hectic World

Does your life feel like it is screaming at you? If you wake up and immediately want to cover your head with a pillow and escape into sleeping-mode again, then it’s time to quiet things down. Our days can be busy, hectic, loud, and full of conflict. You may not be able to control the circumstances. However, you can bring some quiet peace to your own mind. Individual counseling at Connections Wellness Group gives you the opportunity to connect with a trained therapist who will help you find a calm place inside yourself. Consider these tips for regaining peace in your life.

Begin the day with a quiet routine.

The best way to begin a day quietly is to wake up before the rest of the household. Before you need to rustle up breakfast and fix school lunches, treat yourself to some quiet alone-time. Maybe quiet time for you involves reading a book, writing in a journal, or watching the sunrise while sipping a cup of tea. Make your personal morning time something calming and enjoyable, and then make it a habit.

Exercise away your anger.

One angry thought leads to another, until you find yourself furious or filled with anxiety. Stop the vicious cycle. Take note of your anger when it begins. If you notice that the anger is getting worse instead of dissipating, then do something active to wipe it out. Exercising is an effective way to work the anger out of your system. Take a walk outdoors. Pedal away on the stationary bike. Climb steps. Lift weights. The activity will help you focus on something other than your anger, and you will start feeling healthier and calmer.

Keep self-soothing objects handy.

A squishy stress ball can give you an outlet to release your pent-up emotions. But not all soothing objects need to be squeezable. If a certain smooth, cool rock has the special ability to make you feel connected to nature, then keep that rock in your pocket or purse. Maybe you have one bright scarf that makes you feel happy, or a tie that gives you confidence. Don’t leave home without it! Self-soothing objects can do wonders for our sense of well-being.

Count your blessings.

It’s an old saying, but a true one. When you feel like the world is screaming down your neck, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and tell yourself that you’re going to change the way you are thinking. And then do it. Start counting your blessings. When you take notice of the good things in your life, you will feel gratitude rather than anger or stress. Practice makes perfect is another old saying with quite a bit of truth in it. Keep practicing your quiet habits, make them a regular part of your life, and you will slowly but surely become a calmer person. Would you like to discuss more ways to bring peace to your hectic life? Contact us for more information on what counseling can do for you.