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PHP – A Great Option for Adolescents and Mental Health

female therapist explaining to teenage girl why a php is great option for adolescents mental health

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an intensive form of outpatient treatment that effectively treats a variety of mental health disorders. Connections Wellness Group has multiple locations around the Dallas – Fort Worth area that offer a PHP for mental health treatment aimed at teens and adolescents.

This program is ideal for those seeking a short-term alternative to inpatient hospitalization, specifically for individuals with mental health concerns. The program is also specific for adolescents (13-17 years of age), containing a school curriculum. Connections Wellness Group can transfer school grades from previous schools, so no academic progress is lost due to treatment.

Are you the parent of a child who is being held back by mental health issues? If so, then a professional partial hospitalization program for mental health may be the best choice to help you help your child. Call Connections Wellness Group today at 940.360.4245 to learn how we can help.

What Does PHP for Adolescents Look Like?

The PHP program at Connections Wellness Group is unique in that it offers a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes individual, group, and family therapy as well as medication management (if needed). Our goal is to help adolescents heal emotionally and mentally so they can return to their daily lives as soon as possible.

The PHP program begins with a check-in and assessment by our multidisciplinary team. This allows us to create an individualized treatment plan for each adolescent that meets their specific needs. Our staff of mental health professionals includes therapists, psychiatrists, and registered nurses.

The program holds group therapy sessions that last four hours each day during the work week and use various therapies to address the patient’s needs. The different types of therapies include, but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy

These evidence-based therapies are proven effective in treating a wide variety of mental health disorders and are especially appropriate for teens and adolescents.

What Types of Disorders Are Treated in a PHP for Mental Health Treatment?

The therapies employed by Connections Wellness Group’s professionals are helpful in treating an array of mental illnesses and disorders. Some of these include:

If your adolescent is struggling with any of these disorders, then our PHP may be the right choice for them.

Why Is PHP for Mental Health Treatment a Good Option for Teens and Adolescents?

Many aspects of treating teens and adolescents make this program an enticing alternative to traditional treatment. These include:

  • PHP is much less expensive than inpatient hospitalization
  • Adolescents can still attend school and progress academically while in treatment
  • PHP can be completed in a shorter time frame than inpatient hospitalization
  • The individualized nature of PHP allows for more targeted and effective treatment

Children struggling in school – perhaps due to bullying or trauma – can enter the PHP and have an opportunity to catch up with their school curriculum. As mentioned above, the PHP is accredited by the Joint Commission and can therefore transfer grades from the patient’s school, allowing them to continue in the program from where they left off in school.

Reach Out to Connections Wellness Group Today

The partial hospitalization program is an excellent alternative for people to use instead of inpatient hospitalization or other traditional forms of residential treatment. Since this program is constructed for adolescents, it is more specialized and addresses unique problems and challenges faced by this population.

If you are the parent of a teen or adolescent with mental health issues, then don’t wait – call Connections Wellness Group today at (817) 438-4357 to learn more about how our PHP program can help your child heal and thrive.