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How to Prepare for Your Telemedicine Appointment

older man talking to female therapist via laptop for telemedicine session

In this day, telehealth and telemedicine are becoming an increasingly popular option. It’s been shown to increase efficiency of care while also increasing patient access to healthcare. As telehealth becomes more widely used, it is important to understand the basics of a telemedicine appointment and how to get the most out of it.

Telemedicine involves a live video consultation between a healthcare professional and a patient. Patients can log in through a video conferencing platform or through a phone. Virtual care allows patients to receive treatment for common conditions such as the cold, or to follow-up on existing health. Before doing your first telemedicine call, it is important to follow these steps to be the most prepared for the online meeting.

1. Check on the Wi-Fi Video conferencing can take a lot of bandwidth, so make sure that your Wi-Fi signals are strong enough to handle the call. Frozen screens and laggy audio can make short appointments much more complicated. Try to find a place in your home that has the best Wi-Fi signals, and stick to that place for future calls.

2. Try out the software Some appointments use a specific type of software for the calls. Make sure that you’ve downloaded and tested the software ahead of time so you know it works with your computer and understand how it works.

3. Have materials nearby Do you have specific questions you wanted to ask the doctor? Any notes that you have about your symptoms, medications, etc.? Be sure to have these prepared. Additionally, a notepad to take down notes during the call may be helpful.

4. Have a backup plan If the technology freezes, or your Wi-Fi lags, make sure you have another way to contact the doctor, such as their phone number or email. Also, keep in mind that there are certain appointments/tests that may require going into the doctor’s office. Just be prepared to have other ways of resolving your condition if this virtual appointment doesn’t work out. Being prepared for your telemedicine appointment will help you get the most out of the appointment. For more information about telehealth services, learn about telehealth here. You may also contact us through this link.