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How Do You Know If a Partial Hospitalization Program Is Right For You?

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Is the partial hospitalization program right for you? Do things seem to be spinning out of control? Do you know something isn’t quite right mental health wise?  Behavioral health disorders have the tendency to make things a little cloudy, so that you may not even notice you’re functioning differently until friends or loved ones do. Sometimes we need a little—or a lot—of mental health help to keep us operating at our best. That means the use of a Behavioral Health Treatment Clinic might be necessary.

You may have already heard of inpatient hospitalization programs, but there is a non-inpatient alternative as well. Connections Wellness Group runs a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that might be suitable for those that need mental or behavioral health treatment. The Partial Hospitalization Program is effective for individuals that need significant mental health treatment; though they might not meet the criteria of requiring inpatient services. This might apply to you if you do not meet the criteria for needing 24-hour monitoring. The goal of the PHP is to provide clients with effective, non-inpatient care. The PHP program is suitable for those seeking short-term treatment, generally only requiring around two weeks to complete. This PHP also provides adolescent outpatient services, for those adolescents suffering from mental health disorders as well. Participants of the PHP receive an array of medical services before they are ready to discharge from the program.

What Services Will I Receive?

For example, this includes being evaluated by a Board Certified Psychiatrist weekly, nursing evaluations, and medication education. This is in addition to individual and group therapy sessions. The therapy offered is, in part, a form of behavior modification therapy. This simply means that it teaches individuals to increase the behaviors in their life that bring about desirable outcomes, while decreasing those that create problems. The therapy arose from the work of B.F. Skinner and is scientifically backed. Are you in need of treatment for an underage patient or one that might still be in school? Patients that might still be completing elementary, middle or high school will have access to a school curriculum that has been approved by schools within and surrounding the Denton area. Further, our VP of Educational Services communicates closely with every child’s school so that they may easily transfer grades and maintain their current academic status. Individuals that complete the program often “graduate” to an Intensive Outpatient Program that continues to monitor their progress. The program will run from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday and participants are expected to complete all five days, barring extenuating circumstances. Contact us if you think the Partial Hospitalization Program might be appropriate for you or someone you care for. Connections Wellness Group is ready and eager to take your call. We understand mental health disorders and prioritize providing effective and excellent behavioral health treatment.