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How Do You Know If a Partial Hospitalization Program Is Right For You?

female patient discussing with female doctor how to tell of a partial hospitalization program is right

Do things seem to be spinning out of control? Do you know something isn’t quite right from a mental health perspective? Behavioral health disorders tend to make things a little cloudy, so you may not even notice your functioning differently until friends or loved ones do. Sometimes we need a little—or a lot—of mental health help to keep us operating at our best. Connections Wellness Group offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP) in addition to other mental health treatment services. After conferring with our caring and compassionate staff, you may find that choosing a partial hospitalization program gives you or a loved one the best chance of living your best life.

You may have heard of inpatient hospitalization programs, but a PHP is an outpatient, non-residential alternative. Our PHP is ideally suited for those that need highly structured and supervised mental or behavioral health treatment. Choosing a partial hospitalization program is effective for individuals who need mental health treatment but do not quite meet the criteria for inpatient services.

You may be a good candidate for a partial hospitalization program if:

  • You need a high level of supervision and monitoring, but not to the level of 24-hour inpatient services
  • You need intense treatment, but not necessarily long-term; our PHP usually requires about two weeks to complete
  • You are an adolescent suffering from a mental health disorder; our staff has experience caring for adults and adolescents
  • You require medical services or may require medical intervention during your stay

Whatever your mental health situation, a PHP at Connections Wellness Group may be the best course of action. We will take the time to get to know you and your needs before recommending a partial hospitalization program or other treatment program or services. Call 940.360.4245 for more information.

What Services Will I Receive in a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A PHP offers a high level of supervision, treatment, and accountability in a personalized manner. Some of the services included in a PHP might entail:

  • Being evaluated by a board-certified psychiatrist weekly
  • Regular nursing evaluations
  • Education about various medications and medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

The therapy offered is, in part, a form of behavior modification therapy. This simply means that it teaches individuals to increase the behaviors that bring about desirable outcomes while decreasing those that create problems.

Adolescents Have a Place in Our PHP at Connections Wellness Group

Are you in need of treatment for an underage patient or one that might still be in school? Patients still completing elementary, middle, or high school will have access to a school curriculum approved by schools within and surrounding the Denton area. Further, our VP of Educational Services communicates closely with every child’s school so they can easily transfer grades and maintain their current academic status.

What Comes Next After Choosing a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Individuals that complete the program often “graduate” to an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that continues to monitor their progress. The program will run from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and participants are expected to complete all five days, barring extenuating circumstances. While more flexible than a PHP, our IOP provides the next step of mental health care and support. We understand mental health disorders and prioritize providing effective and excellent behavioral health treatment.

Reach Out to Connections Wellness Group Today

At Connections Wellness Group, we understand that choosing a partial hospitalization program is not an easy decision. However, the right PHP could be the best choice for you or a loved one. From our experienced and compassionate staff to our intensive outpatient program services and more, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with professional, compassionate mental health services. Contact us today at 940.360.4245 or reach out online for more information.