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Finding Mental Health Treatment for Teens in Mansfield, Texas

therapist in office setting talking to teenage boy about finding mental health treatment for teens in mansfield, texas

Mansfield, Texas, is mostly in Tarrant County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. It has excellent schools and a family-friendly atmosphere with plenty of historic buildings, restaurants and shopping, and beautiful parks for outdoor activities1. If you are searching for teen mental health treatment in Mansfield, Texas, Connections Wellness Group provides compassionate support for teen boys and girls.

The Connections Wellness Group facility is on Matlock Road, just south of Country Club Drive. We welcome teens from all walks of life who are struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health conditions and are ready to accept help managing their symptoms. We offer outpatient and telehealth treatment options that utilize behavioral and holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatment to create a well-rounded treatment experience in a discreet setting. If your teen son or daughter’s development and education are being affected by depression or anxiety, call 940.360.4245 today to speak with us about our teen mental health programs.

Recognizing the Signs Your Teen Is Struggling with Their Mental Health

Each year, over 300,000 teens in Texas experience some form of depression or anxiety. Many teens’ symptoms go away after a few days or weeks, but others can experience symptoms lasting several months and negatively impacting their health and education. It can be difficult recognizing when your teen is depressed or just going through normal teenage angst. Teens often don’t have the communication skills to express how they feel and will internalize their feelings instead of expressing them.

If you are concerned your teen is struggling with their mental health, here are some of the common signs that your teen’s mental health is in jeopardy:

  • They withdraw from family and friends and won’t talk about their feelings
  • You notice they are always tired, even after a full night’s rest
  • They obsess over past or future events
  • Their grades start falling
  • They drop out of after-school activities
  • They go through severe mood swings
  • They cry or get upset or angry for no reason

If you notice any of these signs, your teen can benefit from enrolling at a mental health treatment center for teens in Mansfield, Texas.

Connections Wellness Group offers adolescent mental health treatment in Mansfield, Texas, for teens who need mental health support. We welcome men and women struggling with depression, PTSD, or other mental health illnesses at our discreet facility close to Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park.

Finding Teen Mental Health Treatment in Mansfield, Texas

When searching for teen mental health treatment in Mansfield, Texas, be sure they offer the following services as a minimal level of care:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This is one of the most effective ways of treating depression, substance use disorder, anxiety, and much more. Therapists use different techniques to help patients break the association between their negative thoughts and the behaviors it creates and replace them with more appropriate behaviors.
  • Medication-assisted treatment – In many cases, teens can experience severe symptoms that prevent them from getting better. In this case, medication is used to reduce depressive or anxiety symptoms, as well as any withdrawal symptoms from a substance use disorder. Medical staff will administer medications and monitor them for any adverse reactions to the medication. As their symptoms fade, they will begin reducing the amount of medication until no longer necessary.
  • Family therapy – Another important service for your teen’s mental health is family therapy. This service helps all family members get through this difficult time and come out stronger. Parents and siblings will talk with a therapist in private and family group sessions to learn more about the disorder and how they can become supporting members in their recovery.

Finding the right mental health treatment center for teens in Mansfield, Texas, can benefit your teen’s mental health and continuing development. The skills they learn today will improve their coping skills and build their confidence in handling anything life throws at them in the future.

Find Compassionate Teen Mental Health Programs at Connections Wellness Group in Mansfield, Texas

At Connections Wellness Group, our adolescent mental health treatment in Mansfield, Texas, offers compassionate support for teens who are struggling due to depression or other mental health disorders. Our therapists take the time to build trust and open communication with each patient while teaching them healthy ways to process their feelings and develop a positive attitude.

For more information about our teen mental health treatments in Mansfield, Texas, call 940.360.4245 today or reach out online to schedule a tour of our welcoming facility.


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