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Timely Treatment with Tele-Health

young female medical professional wearing transcription headset while holding clipboard

Life can be hectic enough without having to drive to your doctor’s office. Take the leg work out of getting treatment with a simple two-step process done conveniently in the privacy of your own home through the remarkable internet technology available to us 24/7. For further information, contact us today!

Benefits for Using Tele-Health

  • The state of Texas passed a new law last year, S.B. 1107 which enables healthcare providers to utilize the telehealth system instead of the initial in-office face-to-face visit. From this new law, Medicare Advantage plans will include additional telehealth benefits beginning in 2020, which are currently unavailable due to Medicare restrictions. In February 2018, the Bipartisan Budget Act (H.R. 1892) signed into law increases access to more telehealth services as well as allowing for reimbursement.
  • Workers Compensation found telemedicine to be extremely useful with an instant assessment of injury at the worksite. The employer also benefits as the cost of going to the emergency room can be quite extensive, not to mention the cost of each office visit for reevaluations throughout the time of treatment.
  • Some patients are unable to get to the doctor’s office physically, and telehealth makes that possible as it brings the doctor to the patient without the added fee of the dreaded “house-call.”
  • Patients living in areas that are distant or rural make it challenging to get into the office to see your doctor, but with telehealth, distance is no longer an issue.
  • Experience the same face-to-face contact with your doctor without sitting in a waiting room, but instead, sit in your living room or whatever place you like in the comfort of your own home or office.

With the easy-to-use online approach, you can now interact with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, along with an abundant array of therapists. No matter where you are, you are just a click away from interacting with a caring professional.