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Telehealth: When it Works, and When it Doesn’t

young female medical professional wearing transcription headset while holding clipboard

In recent years, tele-health has seen a surge in popularity as people become more and more used to in-demand services. Like using an app for Uber, telemedicine companies offer you the ability to communicate with a physician on demand. This can offer an incredible convenience to patients, while still ensuring the same quality of care. However, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t work for every issue.

When Does it Work

Telemedicine can be an amazing resource in a pinch. Reputable tele-health companies can help prescribe you medications for uncomplicated ailments, and even schedule a session with a therapist or psychiatrist. This is a wonderful thing if you’re on a vacation and an ear infection hits. Or if you feel that your mental health issues are building up—and want to relay your feelings to a therapist right away to help with stress. When to Choose In-person over Telehealth When it comes to your annual visit to a physician, it’s always better to do this in person. This wellness check up generally requires the doctor to do quick physical check-ups on your reflexes and glands, and usually includes a conversation about your health. There are other situations in which you definitely want to see a doctor face-to-face. When it comes to small children and infants, it’s better to schedule an in-person appointment. Because of children’s limited verbal abilities, it’s important to make sure a doctor is paying close attention to non-verbal signals that would be difficult to convey in a tele-health consultation. And of course, a telemedical solution won’t work if you’re in the midst of a medical emergency. In those cases, your best option is always to call 911. Telemedicine can be a great resource when you’re on the go or need a quick prescription. When it comes to establishing ongoing relationships with providers in either physical or mental health, it’s still very important to connect with a provider you trust—in person. Reach out to us today at Connections Wellness Group for more information.