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Poll Reveals 4 Top Uses for Telehealth

medical professional looking at laptop while on phone

A recent poll of medical facilities revealed the top 4 current uses for telehealth services. With all the recent innovations in virtual healthcare, you can do almost anything online. Take a look at some of the most popular and promising applications. The poll was conducted by HealthTech Magazine. The responses come from their Twitter audience of IT leaders and managers at healthcare organizations worldwide.

Managing Chronic Conditions:

An estimated 40 million Americans experience some limitations due to a chronic mental or physical health condition, according to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics. Almost a third of the population lives with multiple conditions, and those numbers are expected to grow. Having access to telehealth may make living with depression or diabetes a little easier.

Patient Follow Up:

You probably know that follow up visits are important, but time pressures and other factors can still make you part of the missed appointment and no show crowd. Virtual visits and automation have the potential to make life better for patients and providers.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Many experts believe that the recent expansion in telehealth and telemedicine signals the next generation in the delivery of essential health services. In addition to removing obstacles to care, online services can provide support in conjunction with traditional in-person care. Plus, while there is a lot of valuable information available on the internet, online symptom checkers are no substitute for a professional diagnosis. Some studies show they are only 51% accurate.

Specialty Care Services:

A growing number of specialties are turning to telehealth. For example, some of the largest hospital systems, including Kaiser Permanente with 40 hospitals, report that they are already conducting more than 90 percent of their mental health visits virtually. Contact us at Connections Wellness Group for telehealth and teletherapy services. We’re here to connect you to meaningful, life improving solutions which promote positive change for your overall wellness.