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Finding an Anxiety Treatment Center in Plano, Texas

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Plano is a vibrant and dynamic city located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and offers world-class shopping and dining, fun, family-friendly adventures, and plenty of outdoor activities. It has more unique attractions than any other city in the state1. For Plano residents who are struggling with anxiety, help is available through an anxiety treatment center near Plano, Texas. Treatment centers offer a discreet and comfortable space where Texans can work on finding better ways to cope with their anxiety and improve their overall mental health.

At Connections Wellness Group, our anxiety treatment program close to Plano, Texas, supports men and women from all walks of life who are struggling with anxiety disorders. Our team has years of experience treating all manors of anxiety symptoms and helping people uncover the root cause of the disorder. Our programs utilize the latest in behavioral and holistic therapies, along with medication-assisted treatment for a whole-person recovery program. If you would like more information about our anxiety treatment in Plano, Texas, call 940.360.4245 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Treating Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is one of the more common mental health conditions affecting men and women. According to the National Institute on Mental Health, 31% of adults will experience some form of anxiety in their lifetime, with 22.8% experiencing severe symptoms2. The most common types of anxiety disorders include:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorders
  • Agoraphobia and other specific phobias

An anxiety therapy program close to Plano, Texas, utilizes a number of different therapies to give people a real chance at managing their symptoms and preventing future panic attacks. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the top forms of treatment for anxiety. It works by breaking the association between a patient’s thoughts and memories and the behaviors that it triggers. Other forms of therapy that can treat anxiety include dialectical behavior therapy, exposure therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Connections Wellness Group provides anxiety treatment nearby Plano, Texas, for individuals who are struggling with PTSD, social anxiety, Bipolar disorders, or other types of anxiety disorders. Our programs are tailored to the individual’s symptoms and will include a mix of group and private therapy sessions.

What to Expect from an Anxiety Treatment Center Near Plano, Texas

Enrolling in an anxiety treatment program near Plano, Texas, is the smart choice to make for those whose symptoms are causing significant disruption in their daily lives. If this is the first time enrolling in an anxiety treatment program, here is what to expect from the program:

  1. During admissions, therapists will run a full assessment of the patient’s physical and mental health to determine the best course of action in treating the disorder.
  2. Patient’s with a co-occurring disorder of substance abuse or severe anxiety symptoms will receive medication to reduce disruptive symptoms. Medical staff will administer specific dosages of medication and monitor patients for any adverse reactions.
  3. During private therapy sessions, therapists will work to uncover the root cause of the disorder and help patients process their emotions or past memories without triggering any symptoms or panic attacks.
  4. In group therapy, patients will practice coping and communication skills using role-playing games, group discussions, and other holistic activities. Group therapy is an excellent way for patients to bond with their peers and see how others are coping with their anxiety symptoms.
  5. Anxiety treatment also includes family therapy sessions to restore broken trust and fractured relationships. Parents, siblings, spouses, and children are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions to resolve any lingering issues that may interfere with the recovery process.

Finding an anxiety treatment center near Plano, Texas, is a better alternative to treating anxiety when compared to self-medication or simply ignoring the problem. If left untreated, anxiety symptoms will worsen and can lead to severe psychological issues and a substance use disorder.

Find Anxiety Treatment Near Plano, Texas, at Connections Wellness Group

Connections Wellness Group is on Teasely Lane in Denton, Texas, off the 288 Highway and the Wind River Lane exit. We are a quick 35-minute drive west of Plano along the 35 East interstate and welcome children and adults who need help with their anxiety disorder. Our therapists take the time to build trust and open communication with each patient so they are comfortable talking about the reasons that trigger their symptoms.

If you are struggling with anxiety and ready for a positive change, send us a message online or call 940.360.4245 today to enroll in our anxiety therapy program near Plano, Texas.