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Choosing A Counselor: What to Look for Before Your First Session

Finding a therapist or counselor strikes fear in the hearts of many. It’s understandable. Picking a professional that is reliable, trustworthy and makes you feel comfortable sharing your deepest darkest secrets shouldn’t be taken lightly. Thankfully, there are a number of wonderful counselors out there ready to help you on your healing journey. Here are a few things to consider before booking your first counseling session:

  1. Do they specialize in what you need help in? Many counselors specialize in areas of treatment to provide personalized assistance to their clients. Before booking a session, see what the counselor’s specialties are and if they can help you with the behaviors and patterns you’re looking to address. Sites like ZocDoc and Psychology Today allow for counselors to share their specialties as well as reviews from previous customers and clients.
  2. Do they suit your personality? See if you can get an introductory call with your counselor. Having a quick 30 to 45 minutes before your first session to discuss your needs, what you’re looking for, and how your counselor can help you can allow you to get a feel for whether or not the relationship between both parties will work. Remember, you’re looking for someone who can not only help you but also understands you and your needs. It’s important to find an individual who you feel comfortable building a lifelong connection and relationship with.
  3. Do they have a location close to you? A counselor close to home or close to work will provide a positive and stress-free experience. A counselor who is an hour and a half out from where you are may cause your sessions to become less infrequent. When looking for a counseling professional be sure to find someone who is close and easily accessible to where you’re located.
  4. Do they fit your budget? If finances are a concern, make sure you’re upfront and honest at the start of your sessions. Many counselors will want to see you at least once a week, which means you’ll be making a significant financial investment into your health. If you’ve got insurance, you’ll first want to call up your provider and see if they’re able to help you with the financial costs attached to counseling. See what your health insurance covers and if possible, speak to your counselor as well about working out a plan.

The right counselor for you will make you feel safe, secure and heard. Be sure to do your research before selecting your counselor. If you’re looking for additional assistance with individual counseling, our offices at Connections Wellness Group can help. Our diverse group of counselors specialize in Grief & Loss, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, and many, many other behaviors, symptoms or topics. Appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours. Please call or email our offices to set up your first session today.