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5 Ways to Worry Less and Live More

young woman standing in front of a mural of question marks with her head in her hand indicating she is worried and stressed with questions

Does worry keep you up at night or interfere with your daily activities? Doubts and fears are a natural part of life. However, they don’t have to diminish your happiness and productivity. Many adults have found relief through making positive changes in their thinking and reaching out for additional help such as teletherapy services. Here are 5 methods that may help you to worry less and live more.

Accept uncertainty.

You can’t stop unpleasant things from happening, but you can change the way you respond to them. Make better use of your time and energy by focusing on what you can control. Learn to distinguish between pointless rumination and constructive problem solving.

Think positive.

Train yourself to become more optimistic. Pay attention to the good things that happen each day instead of letting them get buried under the things that you find sad or irritating. Make a list of what you’re grateful for. Repeat cheerful affirmations to yourself. Look for ways to make someone else smile.

Keep a journal.

Putting your worries in writing can reduce their power over you. You’ll be able to spot recurring themes and triggers. Plus, just getting your thoughts down on paper or into an app is one way to stow them someplace else while you allow your mind to move on to other things.

Practice self-care.

Taking care of your physical and mental needs makes you more resilient. Eat a balanced diet, manage stress, and move around more.

Take action.

Show yourself how strong and capable you are. Come up with one step you can take today to help resolve something you’ve been worrying about. It’s okay to start out small and let each victory add to your motivation. Contact us at Connections Wellness Group for a new and refreshing approach to psychiatry, therapy, and counseling. We make holistic care convenient, cost effective, and accessible. Learn more about our telehealth and telepsychiatry services.