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5 Reasons Why Telehealth Is The Future Of Healthcare

medical professional looking at laptop while on phone

Telehealth is taking over the healthcare industry. In the five years from 2011-2106, online services grew nationally by 643 percent. Future projections over the next few years estimate growth at 19 percent. Telehealth is still evolving but its advantages are hard to deny. Here are the reasons why online medical services will continue to surge in popularity.

It Is Fast

While it is not uncommon to wait weeks to see a doctor or therapist in their office, tele-health usually allows you to get an appointment with your provider within 24 hours. Let’s face it, when you have an important issue arise, you want it addressed as soon as possible.

It Is Convenient

Why go to a doctor’s office when you can receive services from wherever is convenient for you? Internet access allows you to get help from a variety of locations. You also don’t have to waste time in the waiting room where you might see people you know or risk catching an illness. Imagine being able to fit in a doctor’s visit while on your lunch break. Normally, that visit might have cost you a few hours of your valuable time.

Improved Accessibility

Not everyone has access to a doctor. Some communities may not have any doctors that work with specific issues. Additionally, certain people may have difficulty getting to a doctor’s office. Telemedicine provides the opportunity to get help no matter where you live or what your situation. For example, you can receive access to a specialist in New York from the confines of your Texas bedroom.

Increased Contact

In conventional medicine, your interaction with a doctor is limited to your in-person appointment. Telehealth allows for more regular contact, even though it may be for a shorter period of time.

It Works

The most important factor in using telemedicine is whether or not it works. Although research into the effectiveness of telemedicine is in the early stages, there is already evidence that it provides results as good as a traditional doctor’s visit. At Connections Wellness Group, we want to help you with all your medical needs. If you are interested in tele-health services please contact us.