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Teri Berbel

Position: Program Therapist

Location: Arlington

Specialties: Mental Health


  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art – Baylor University; Master of Social Work – University of Texas at Arlington


  • LMSW

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Probably the most telling fact of my undergraduate art degree (with two years pre-med biology mixed in) was that my favorite class was Philosophy of Art. We got to analyze what made artists tick and what influenced their most noteworthy pieces. I didn’t continue the philosophy track academically, but became an armchair psychologist, devouring the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and many others. Armed with their wisdom following divorce, I had the ability to understand and accept what happened to my family, but I couldn’t work out the sadness. After only a short time in therapy, my therapist claimed I was right where I needed to be, yet the sadness continued. I set out to solve this problem myself and developed my own healing modality that finally set me free. I tried to share this with others but didn’t have the skills or means to effectively engage with those that needed it. That’s when I decided on graduate school, to learn theory to compare my findings and to give me the professional knowledge and credentials to truly help.

I believe we all have an innate wisdom and power to live in contentment and joy, we just need help embodying it. I love being able to see the powerful potential in clients when they can’t see it for themselves and to help them navigate their way to finding it. The most rewarding part of my internship, working one-on-one with clients, was witnessing their eyes light up when they started uncovering that wisdom and power within themselves. My hope and intent is to hold that vision for all my clients until we find the way to their peace.

  • My life before grad school (most of my adult life until now) was spent as an artist, welding scrap metal from my grandfathers’ farms and kiln-forming scrap glass into sculptures.
  • I’m a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching Goat Yoga – yes, with goats! – for the past year. It was even the focus of my thesis!
  • I’m a mom of two grown kids. One is an astrophysicist and phenomenal artist. The other (who also loves physics) is an aspiring screenwriter and show runner in Hollywood – but, for now, is the most dedicated production assistant on set!