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Education for Youth in IOP/PHP

view of the back of a male child's head as he sits in a classroom with teacher out of focus at front of roomAt Connections Wellness Group, our focus is on the whole child. Our academic program is designed to complement the therapeutic care our students receive while in treatment. We recognize that students can feel overwhelmed by the academic and social pressures of traditional school environments, which can contribute to a decline in mental health. Our CWG K12 program provides an educational environment that can reignite a love for learning while allowing students to focus on their treatment while in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Additionally, Connections Wellness Group holds private school accreditation making us one of the only facilities in the world to offer this level of integration between treatment and academic success. The benefits of this accreditation include the following:

  • All grades received at CWG K12 are fully transferable to any school in any state
  • Our access to TREx allows us to independently exchange school records autonomously and as needed
  • All communication between CWG K12 and the student’s home campus becomes more streamlined
  • Students may receive credits while attending PHP/IOP programming
  • There is no additional cost to the patients for attending/utilizing the school portion of our PHP/IOP programming

This accreditation and exceptional level of integration ensure that our treatment programs are truly comprehensive and provide for the well-being of the whole child.

Connections Wellness Group's CWG K12 academic program was awarded private school accreditation through Cognia in 2023.

Education Mission Statement

CWG K12 offer students the opportunity to gain hope and find their love of learning.

Education Goals

  • Students will experience the value of diversity in cultures, backgrounds, and abilities.

  • Students will have the opportunity to realize their own potential.

  • Students will understand how to develop higher-order thinking skills.

  • Students will develop and implement executive functioning skills that will provide them
    with the necessary skills to be successful moving forward.

  • Students will experience learner-centered practices.

  • Students will have in-depth knowledge of how to set, plan, achieve, and evaluate SMART

  • Students will be engaged in learning in such a way that will build self-confidence and a
    love of learning.

  • Students will experience individualized instruction that is tailored to meet their academic
    and non-academic needs.

  • Students will be assessed on a balanced system of both social/emotional learning and
    product/project creation.


The option that is best for the child will likely depend on the student’s grades and the student’s academic situation.

  • (Option A) Some districts will require that certain students unenroll from their school and enroll with Connections Education Services.
  • (Option B) while others require that students stay enrolled in their school and simply complete the schoolwork provided during the time in programming.

We recommend that all clients communicate with their school’s counselor to see what assistance will be offered to the student and what steps need to be taken moving forward.

Option A includes social-emotional learning through a project-based learning approach by the name of Learning and Flow ™. This approach incorporates social-emotional learning guided lessons, emphasis on gaining executive functioning skills, as well as teaching useful coping skills that will be beneficial for students to use in the classroom upon returning to school.
Students on option B will be working on their assigned schoolwork during school hours. Students/Parents will be responsible for communications with teachers and counselors from their child’s home campuses. Connections Wellness Group teachers will assist students as needed with their assigned schoolwork.
Initially, it is of high importance that parents first contact their child’s school counselor prior to their student admitting into the program. However, students and their parents on option B will be required to maintain contact with their child’s school to exchange and receive schoolwork
We recommend contacting the school counselor.
Connections Wellness Education will provide all students with a list of recommended accommodations for the student upon discharge. A document that explains how to obtain a 504 behavior accommodations plan will be given along with recommended accommodations.
Grades earned on option A will be sent back to the student’s home campus by our school counselor.

Option A

Withdraw from your school for the duration of treatment and enroll in CWG K12. Our
curriculum is designed specifically for students in short-term education situations.
Focusing on executive functioning, social-emotional skills and professionalism as a student
inside a project-based assignment, the curriculum is designed to give solutions for the
stressors stemming from school. We have ensured that processing skills incorporated into
every core course are included, enabling us to give transfer grades that can be accepted.
Your student will also leave with a completed transition plan to prepare them for catching up
when they return. This choice is unique to Connections and cannot be found anywhere

Option B

Remain enrolled in your present school during treatment. We will notify your school to
address any concerns about their attendance and to ask for teachers to be notified that
reduced assignments are appropriate due to the two hour time limit for education. It is the
student’s and parent’s responsibility to arrange the educational piece with the school
authorities. We will monitor your student to the best of our abilities to see that they are
working during the educational time. They will participate in some of the activities to help
their executive functioning and social/emotional skills, and they will leave with a transition
plan for return to school.

Our Team/Teachers at each location:


Christopher Bennett

Vice President of Education


Abby Emerick



Amy Saenz De Viteri


LeAnn Burrows



Annie Fellman



Natalie Kennon



Ashlee Reese



Ashley Marshall



Mike Boelkens