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Taylor Stephens

Position: Medical Communications Specialist

Location: Denton

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I previously worked with children and adults with special needs and I did have a passion for that. I’ve always enjoyed helping others and knew I wanted to continue that. Because I just had a baby, physically helping people isn’t something I can manage at this time but new I wanted to still help people in some way. Mental health has always been something I take seriously and am passionate about, so I felt like this position was perfect for me because I am still helping people to a degree and still able to manage home life. I’ve also always thought about wanting to become a therapist but wasn’t sure if it was the right route to go. Now I feel like I am getting more insight to this field and can determine how I want to grow from this experience.

  • I have an 8 month old son, a great dane and I love to read and go on walks.