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Jasmine Dixon

Position: Assessment Coordinator

Location: McKinney

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, High risk issues, Family relations/conflict, Communication with couples, Grief/loss, Coping skills, Boundaries, Life transitions, Attachment,Parenting, Personal growth, Anger management

Age Group: 14+


  • The University of Southern Mississippi; Bachelor’s in Child and Family Studies: Family Relations. Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy


  • LMFT-Associate

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Helping and listening to others has always been a specialty of mine. Growing up as the only child in the home, I didn’t have siblings to connect with, but my parents provided me with the opportunity to socialize and engage with other kids my age and expose me to different experiences. Even in my own journey of exploration, I had to develop confidence and boundaries regarding what I truly felt connected to for a career. After a desperate awakening in college, I finally switched majors and instantly began to thrive. I started doing research on therapy and the qualifications needed to obtain that. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back since. Mental health is something I am very passionate about, and I strive to be an advocate for the field and those who have lost their sense of identity and community. I am a firm believer in autonomy and ensuring that the therapeutic process is a collaborative one, so my clients can feel in control of their life. I enjoy working with individuals, families and couples, and I have great experience in working with adolescents and their parents. My previous position allowed me to work in a higher level of care that helped me enhance my assessment skills, how to handle crises and balance multiple clients in one setting. I also was honored to spearhead a multi family program that allowed me to work with families on various issues and work towards a healthier homeostasis. My background in Marriage and Family therapy allows me to provide my clients with a clear understanding of how systems work and how it plays a role in how well we communicate and function with others. I have experience in working using Systemic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, high risk issues and various ways of coping. My hope is that we will continue to break the barriers and stigma associated with mental health, especially in my own community of African American families.

  • I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.
  • I visited/toured the White House in September 2022 and was apart of the first group to see the Obamas’ portraits.
  • I am a HUGE Twilight Saga fan and enjoy any romantic movies, specifically Nicolas Sparks’ movies.