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Cory Bell, LPC

Position: Private Practice Therapist
Phone: 469-591-1003

Location: Frisco

Specialties & Subspecialties: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Communication

Age Group: 13+


  • Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas


  • LPC

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Ever since middle school I’ve always been the supportive friend that others felt comfortable talking to and I’m happy to have that carry over to a professional capacity! I’ve enjoyed working at a few different settings, including a previous position as a lead therapist to help support others while still connecting with clients. I enjoy lifting weights, creative writing, and various ways to improve myself and like to practice things I recommend to my clients and vice-versa! Ienjoy having a job combines my compassion for others, aptitude for problem-solving, and sense of humor all at once!

  • I’ve seen almost every Marvel movie!
  • I’ve performed at multiple spoken word poetry events since college
  • I’ve been to college twice and have never had Ramen noodles!