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Body Language Hacks to Improve Brain Positivity

instructor presenting to a class of young men and women

Kinesics (body language) is a form of physical nonverbal communication. These nonverbal cues can help us deduce what another person is feeling/ thinking. They tell others what you’re feeling.

Body language is a vital part of communication, seeing as actions speak louder than words. However, we can inadvertently convey our emotions via our body language, revealing what’s going on in our mental/emotional space. The good thing is, there is a way around this.

Body Language Tips to Improve your Mental State

There are so many tips for improving your mood and confidence, but not so much about how you can leverage body language. Did you know that you could train your body to assume a positive stance, which will translate to how you view life in general? Read on for hacks to improve your brain positivity using body language:

Assume a High Power Pose

Have you noticed that you feel small and less confident when you cross your arms, slouch, and draw your shoulders inward? Well, others also notice this, and they can tell your emotional state just by looking at you.

You can change this by assuming a high-power pose with a tall stance and open posture. You can also place your hands on your hips.

Remember to keep your shoulders and the palms of your hands open when addressing others. This pose communicates trustworthiness, openness, and acceptance. The gesture makes others comfortable in your presence and makes you confident in addressing them. It also lowers stress by kicking off testosterone and reducing cortisol.


We all know that smiling conveys a positive emotional experience. Smile widely until your eyes crinkle for that wholesome, positive emotional state. Engage all your facial features and nerves for that million-dollar smile. It will make you more confident as you will be flooded with the feel-good hormone; endorphins.

These hacks don’t mean that you can solve years of anxiety and depression, but they will certainly get you on the right track for a better, positive, and wholesome life experience. The Connections Wellness Group will provide you with holistically enriching, accessible, and cost-effective care to help you improve your mental state. Feel free to contact us here.