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5 Common Myths About Psychiatry

psychiatrist talking to new patient and taking notes

Many people often associate the world of psychiatry with a mix of praise and skepticism. People who have never visited a psychiatrist or individuals who’ve never been affected by a mental illness can struggle to understand psychiatry’s science, effectiveness, and methodology. This article sheds light on five common myths about psychiatry.

1. Psychiatrists Always Force Medication on People

Psychiatric patients have varying needs. An excellent psychiatrist never forces medication on a patient. They tailor the various pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments to suit each patient’s needs.

2. Psychiatry Only Involves Crazy Individuals

This statement isn’t true. Psychiatrists often help people with an actual condition or imbalance. These individuals tend to get better once they get the treatment they need. Some patients’ mental illnesses are side effects of other ailments. Managing these symptoms or treating the underlying problem can help them get better.

3. Asking for Psychiatric Help Means You’re Weak

You are never weak if you acknowledge that you cannot go through a debilitating issue or mental illness alone. Asking for psychiatric help is brave and empowering as you recognize you are a human with limitations and seek ways to cope with them better.

4. Mental Illnesses Are Uncommon

This myth is one we wish was true. Unfortunately, it is false. Statistics show that mental disorders are common in the U.S. as over 50 million adults have a mental illness. You can confront this issue and ask for help without feeling that you’ll be seen as an outcast. Psychiatric treatment can help you recover or manage your mental condition better.

5. Psychiatric Drugs Will Alter Your Personality

The treatments the psychiatrist recommends will often achieve the desired outcomes. Most psychiatrists have extensive training, licenses, and experience to prescribe the needed medications at recommended doses. You are likely to be safe if you follow their prescriptions.

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