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Roseli Godoy-Doty, LPC, LMFT-Associate, NCC

Position: Therapist

Location: Denton

Specialties: Couples and Family, premarital counseling, relationship issues. interracial relationship issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief counseling

Subspecialties: Infidelity, parenting including parent/adolescent relationship, teen and adult self-esteem, blended family, immigration issues and the family system.

Age Group: 10-105


  • Liberty University – Marriage and Family Therapy


  • LPC
  • LMFT-Associate

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My name is Roseli, I am married for 20 years. I have an amazing blended family, and three adorable fur babies. Out of my own struggles and hurtful experiences, I developed a passion for helping individual, couples and families to heal, reconnect, and thrive in their relationships. My approach is non-judgmental and collaborative. I believe that people are the experts of their lives, but sometimes they need a trained therapist to help them find life-meaning, purpose and to explore solutions when they feel stuck. Someone they may feel safe talking to, who can shed light on possible blind spots, and offer an objective perspective on their life-issues. This is my passion and how I can impact your life. Please know that I am very honored to be part of your life- story and journey.

  • I am Brazilian and my first language is Portuguese. When I am upset, I lose my English and begin speaking in Portuguese. When my children were growing up, they used to say: “Mom has switched to Portuguese…Runnn!!!”
  • I love “glamping.”
  • I play a little guitar, a little piano and love singing.