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Paulina Jimenez

Position: Welcome Specialist
Phone: 940-222-2399

Location: Rockwall

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Hi my name is Paulina! When I was younger, I knew I wanted to be someone who helped others. At the time I was not quite sure how to do so. I remember as a young girl, whenever I was in a place with many people, I would stop for a second and truly see what was around me. As I viewed my surroundings I would see each individual and be fascinated on how different everyone was. Some individuals had certain features that just made them so unique. As I began to grow and make connections with people I started to realize how each individual had different personalities. My personal experiences and my views on others let me to do believe that the mental health field is where I wanted to be. One of my strong beliefs is kindness will help bring kindness. Be kind to your mind and to others. I hope one day I can assist others on developing a strong mental health.

  • I have a fear of lightning and thunder combined.
  • I am shy, but I love meeting new people.
  • My goal is to become a psychologist.