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Katie Langford

Position: Director of Outpatient Revenue Cycle Management
Phone: 940-222-2399

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  • Associate’s Degree in Human Services
    Post University 
  • Currently pursuing BS in Management
    University of Phoenix

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I choose to work in the mental health and substance abuse field after battling my own substance use and risky behaviors. In my personal life, as I was on the road to recovery, I really appreciated the people who lead me in the right direction, keep me going, motivated me, and made me feel worthy. Not everyone understands why people have mental illnesses or substance abuse issues and automatically will judge others with these illnesses. I love that I can be an example of recovery. I can share with my team where I started and how far I have come. I also understand on a personal level what our patients are dealing with. If I am able to speak to the patients, show them empathy, be understanding and end up making that patient’s day even just a little bit better, I have done my job. I continue to learn something new every day! I have the best support system at home that drives me to work my hardest and to be successful. I want my family to be proud of who I have become. You have to work hard, be honest, trustworthy, and dependable. I wish nothing but for others to see that even after you fall, you can get back up and be successful!

  • I have been married to my wonderful husband/best friend for 15 years!
  • If I could win a lifetime supply of anything, I would love for it to be Tex-Mex!
  • I would like to be remembered for being kind, trustworthy, and funny, but most of all, for loving the Lord!