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David Hooper, LPC-A, CRC, NCC

Position: Program Therapist

Location: Southlake

Specialties: Substance Use Disorders, Co-Occurring Disorders, Group Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Feminist Therapy

Subspecialties: Children and Adolescents

Age Group: Adults (18 and over)


  • The University of North Texas; Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S.


  • LPC-A

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To tell you what brought me into this field, I’d have to tell you my entire life story. Suffice it to say that at this point in my life, I cannot imagine feeling as fulfilled by doing anything else. I get to be here to see the magic happen every single day, when the people I work with change the way they think, act, and feel. Day by day, even the little changes add up to become big changes.

I could say that my interest in substance use disorders was sparked by personal experiences, but I also think the lives of most people in the United States have been impacted by alcohol or drug use in one way or another. It’s an exciting, rapidly developing field with far-reaching consequences. Additionally, many specialists (myself included) believe that substance use is rarely a single isolated problem, but rather that it is typically a symptom of something more complex underneath. This means that while there can be a lot of connection and camaraderie among people in recovery, each individual’s path is unique. I love helping my clients figure out what they want their own recovery to look like, and then helping them make plans to get there.

  • I ride my bike a lot. I’ve ridden the Tour De Paris (Texas) 80mi two times and the Hotter N’ Hell 100mi once. I’ve also done some big solo rides, like Fort Worth to Denton and back (80mi) and the complete Fort Worth Trinity Trails system in one day
  • I took a one month cross-cultural psychology course in Taipei, Beijing, and Inner Mongolia for my undergraduate degree. We got to spend a lot of time with students from National Taiwan Normal University and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University. It
    was such a great experience, my wife and I took a trip back to Taiwan to see every major city on the west coast by train and to visit some of the friends I made there on the first trip.
  • I cook a lot. I’ve been doing more meal prepping than usual lately, but I try to cook at least one meal every day from scratch
    when I can. Sometimes I get into a “flow state” by practicing my everyday staple dishes, and other times I challenge myself by taking on larger, more ambitious recipes.