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image of brune ivo de almeida

Bruno Ivo de Almeida, MD, MSc

Position: Welcome Specialist

Location: Frisco


Universite de Bordeaux : Masters in Neuroscience and Biotechnology, Faculdade de Medicina Sao Leopoldo Madic : MD ; University of Sao Paulo : Bachelor in Gerontology

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If we can make someone’s life just a little bit easier, why wouldn’t we? I saw at Connections Wellness Group a fabulous opportunity to do something meaningful while I pursue my studies.

  • When I was a child I took piano lessons. However, I did not like it very much. I liked to watch cartoons instead. My biggest problem at that age, was that the lessons took place at home at the same time my favorite cartoon was on TV. So I used to record it on VHS tapes and go to class. Once, I ran out of new tapes, so I recorded on top of a footage of 1 year-old me, taking a bath in a bucket with a mug, on my own. After all, my cartoon was way more important to my 7-year-old me than watching myself take a bath. During my teenage time mum was feeling nostalgic and wanted to watch baby me on VHS; so she gathered some family members, all adults, and ended up watching my favorite cartoon instead! LOL I’ll never forget that cartoon! After all it’s still on tape!
  • While in Medical school, the first c-section that I watched, I passed out. I could not see blood without my blood pressure dropping to the floor. By the time I graduated I had performed over 20 assisted c-sections and graduated with the highest score of the rotation.
  • There are so many tings that I like to learn and to do that I have 14 years of University education. I am just not sure if the ones that are yet to come are gonna trump the ones that have already passed. What is your guess?