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Abby Hansen, MSW, LCSW

Position: Therapist

Location: McKinney

Specialties: Trauma, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide-prevention

Subspecialties: Family support, chronic depression, co-dependency, grief, self worth and self-destructive behaviors

Age Group: Teens and Young Adults (12-30)

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  • Master’s of Social Work
    University of Texas at Arlington


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

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When people are going to college and trying to find out what they want to do with their lives, they often are asked what they enjoy or what talents they have? For me, I have always been drawn to people. Maybe this is because of my life experiences, maybe because of my natural drive to help people, but likely both. I genuinely feel honored to be able to walk with people through dark times, help them see the goodness within themselves and gain the skills they need to be their best. My goals are to help people feel heard and understood in a non-judgmental way and to feel comfortable being their true self. Some of the values I carry with being a therapist are honesty, kindness, a good dose of humor, being genuine and keeping things fun when we can. I love that every day I have the opportunity to meet someone seeking help where they are and walk with them through their journey.

  • I have two kids and married my high school sweetheart, love them all greatly!
  • I also enjoy traveling, genuine friendship, adventure and opportunities to serve the community.
  • A few things that brighten my day are nature trails, a good cup of coffee or quality time with those I love.
  • Those who are fellow personality test nerds, on the Enneagram I am a 2, wing 3 and for Myers Briggs I am an ENFJ.