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  • Psychiatric evaluation & medication management
  • Group therapy
  • Expressive therapies
  • Case management
  • Aftercare planning

Mental health is a serious social concern, and there’s a significant need for increased mental health treatment in Arlington, TX.

If you or a family member is struggling with mental health concerns, a mental health treatment center in Arlington, TX, can provide the resources you need to thrive. Call 877-747-4294 today to learn more about the services available at Connections Wellness Group.

Arlington, TX, Needs Mental Health Support

Mental health has grown to be an increasingly serious issue in recent years. Even with awareness and resources, many communities still lack the services to address mental health concerns. The accessibility and affordability of mental health treatment in Arlington, TX, are still limited. 

Arlington, TX, is an area in which mental health is a significant community issue. Tarrant County Public Health reports that one in six adults in Tarrant County has been diagnosed with a depressive disorder.1

Twenty-one percent of adults surveyed reported that their mental health was “not good” for at least five days out of the previous month. Ten percent of Tarrant County adults reported that they had experienced frequent mental distress for a minimum of 14 days in the past month. 

These numbers show that, at minimum, a fifth of the population would benefit from mental health services in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding areas. The report also sheds some light on how poor mental health impacts other social factors, like employment rates and standard of living. 

Of the Tarrant County adults who reported that their mental health was “not good,” 38.9% were unable to work, while only 17% were employed for wages. Of adults who reported frequent mental distress, 29.8% were unable to work, while only 8.2% were employed for wages. 

The need for mental health services in Arlington, TX, can only be met by establishing accessible treatment options. 

Accessible Mental Health Treatment in Arlington, TX 

Improved mental health doesn’t just happen. It takes a team of trained specialists working with a patient to understand the underlying factors and create a plan for success. With access to professionals, tools, and education, it’s possible to experience long-term improvements in mental health. 

Connections Wellness Group in Arlington, Texas, is proud to offer affordable services and accessible care to all members of the Arlington community. We provide outpatient care to children and adult patients needing mental health support. 

Connections Wellness Group is Ready to Help

Mental health treatment in Arlington, TX, doesn’t just impact the individual; it affects relationships, family dynamics, finances, and overall quality of life. 

Connections Wellness Group is here to support you in addressing mental health concerns. Contacting the right mental health treatment center in Arlington, TX, can mark the beginning of a new stage of life rooted in wellness and healing. Learn more about how Connections Wellness Group can help by calling 877-747-4294 today or completing our online form.